It’s Show Time

January 9, 2013

Inspired by television programs like Californication, Dexter and Nurse Jackie, various designers and architects turned three New York penthouses at the Cassa Hotel and Residences, by Solly Assa, into the Showtime house. One of the most interesting spaces was the Borgias Media Room by Marc Thorpe of Third Eye Solutions and David Schwarz of Hush Studios. Inspired by the famous family, the minimalist space has a visceral impact thanks to its use of cutting-edge technology and hallowing references. “We consider media – screens, projections, light – another form of architecture and means of defining space, movement and experience” says Schwarz. “We wanted people to be changed by the experience, to leave the room with more than a memory, but a physical change. We did this using image, light, ando sound, in bold, forceful ways.”

On one wall, the glowing red room features animated Christian cross projections framed by physical neon ones that move, rwist, break, and distort according to a guest’s sence of perspective. In the other corner, there’s a red Cappellini chair topped by a white neon halo. Move closer to either, and more interaction takes place.

Working with Antfood, the designers developed a soundscape that react to people’s movement within the space. A video camera viewsthe room from above and software analyzes the amount and location of movement within the room, and in turn, plays particular sounds – chants, organs, bells, echoes – that are meant to be playful and at the same time, overwherlming. “We treated the room like a small confessional: a mediative space, which was meant for short, but powerful experiences,” he says.


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